Thursday, October 30, 2008

They are sucking the fun out of Halloween

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And by "they" I mean everyone. The extreme religious right has begun the hypocrisy of investigating the history of this holiday and instead of understanding that Christians ripped it off from pagans (just as they did Christmas and Easter) they took the odd twist of targeting Wiccans and made the convoluted jump to becoming fearful that Halloween will turn their little snowflakes into satan worshippers. Nothing new there, but on the more secular front, parents are now objecting to the inappropriateness of today's costumes. Evidently both sides have lost a firm grip on the fact that they are the parents and therefore have the right to censor and educate their own children as they see fit. The market will take advantage of every opportunity to increase sales in whatever area they can so it is hardly fair to blame them. We are the consumers. If we consume it, they will sell it. Stop buying it.

It is 2008 - Halloween is supposed to be about fun, not evil and even though I went to a religious school, Halloween was never once confused as being a satan worshipping holiday. It was a day to get dressed up in a fun costume and collect candy. The end. We wore costumes put together at home, not purchased at the store. In fact, the children who purchased their costumes were considered uncreative and...well, boring. Fear not, non-sewing mothers! It takes no sewing skills at all to put together a convincing, adorable hobo costume for your tike. It also takes little to no sewing skills to put together a costume of your child's favorite character - seriously. A little creativity is all that is needed and remember: velcro is your friend.

Unfortunately, this holiday is quickly turning into the same mess that Christmas has become. The advertising begins earlier and earlier every year with 'must have' items featured tantilizingly for your children to whine about. The glut of candy available is almost as sickening as the displays for Christmas along with a revolting array of home decorating items.

Here is what you need to have a fun and safe Halloween:

$3.00 pumpkin with a face carved or drawn on it. They decompose nicely so be sure to add it to your compost pile after Halloween.
Couple of bags of candy - when it runs out turn off the light.
Home made costume - Goodwill is an excellent source and use your imagination.
Flashlight - no I am not kidding.
Hot chocolate and popcorn for when you come back home.

Limit the trick or treating to a handful of houses that belong to people you know and plan to watch a movie afterward to encourage your dumplings that goodies await them. Also, since Halloween is on a Friday night this year, if you are planning a party please do not forget the pinata. I have yet to find a group of children that does not love a pinata. (These, too, can be made at home - it isn't difficult but start now because they take a while to dry. Also don't fuss too much about the shape. I promise that the kids don't care as long as candy pours out of it.)

Have fun, be safe, but mostly don't go broke or fear this fun holiday!

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Pedobear & Loli - Halloween 2008

Pedobear & Loli - Halloween 2008 by SIRBERUS.
My girlfriend and I made probably the most epic costumes to date.

Edit: Welcome everyone... glad you like the costumes =).

If you are coming here from some place other than digg or reddit, I'd appreciate a link so I know how far this has spread. (I'm not a pro-account flickr user, so I have no referral data).

Also, for you curious visitors... this is a homemade costume.

The Adult Footy Pajamas came from (really great company and helpful/nice people. let them know I sent you ;))... the head is paper mache ontop of a "punch balloon" picked up from the super market, the mouth/snout is Crayola Magic Clay or something like that (its really light and air dries).

Inside I rigged a bike-helmet so I have full motion to look around.

And the mouth is screen-door material painted pink so I can see through fine.

Double Edit:

For all of you without souls/the ability to laugh at stuff... I am not 'glorifying' anything... it's a costume... of a cartoon bear.

If you are offended by a cartoon bear, I can't wait to see you on halloween dealing with hoards of people dressed as Lucifer (you know, the guy that tortures souls for eternity, pits of fire, etc.). Or is that acceptable? lol.

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