Friday, July 18, 2008

Penis costume draws apology

SARATOGA SPRINGS, New York (AP) — A judge has ordered a 19-year-old man to write an apology to the city of Saratoga Springs in New York for dressing in a penis constume at a high school graduation.

Calvin Morett had pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for dressing in a costume at the graduation at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. A video of his visit last month has appeared on YouTube.

The judge has also ordered Morett to pay to have the apology published in a local newspaper, pay court fees and perform 24 hours of community service.

Wave Powered Boat Makes It from Japan to Hawaii

Back in February we talked about the Suntory Mermaid II – a boat that encapsulates a pretty “duh” idea of powering a boat with waves. Well, creator Ken-ichi Horie and the boat have completed their goal journey of getting from Japan to Hawaii – a distance of 4,350 miles. It took nearly four months of going and average of 1.5 knots, but they made it. And set an I-Did-It-First record in the process.

The Suntory mermaid II uses the most advanced wave-power technology, with extra electricity coming from solar panels to run navigation lights. Since it is the most advanced, by virtue of being the only, it’s a great starting point for future wave-powered boats that go – I should hope – a little faster. Horie says the problem to be solved is how to keep the boat's speed up when the waves are weak.

Maybe one day we’ll see a race between the Suntory Mermaid II and the Earthrace…and maybe an old-fashioned wind-powered sailboat thrown in for good measure.