Britain's oldest bouncer, 90-year-old Bob Dudley, has retired after a quarter of a century keeping guard at a working man's club.

The hardy nonagenarian came to bouncing late in life. He joined the army in 1939, was captured at Dunkirk and subsequently spent 5 years in a prisoner of war camp. After that he worked at a factory until retirement. But in 1983 he decided to become a doorman to keep himself sharp.

"I think it is important to keep working into old age," said Dudley. "It keeps you lively and active and stops you from slouching about all over the place. It is really fulfilling."

Dudley was chosen ahead of younger candidates because of his "experience and mental toughness."

"He could hold the fort...," said Irchester Working Men's Club president Clifford Bates. "If he tells them to leave, they go. No one takes any umbrage with him."

But now, on his 90th birthday, Dudley has finally handed in his bouncer's jacket. On balance he's probably earned a rest.

(By the way, we're assuming that unless Mr. Dudley has been leading an incredibly well-organised double life, he isn't the same Bob Dudley who runs BP in Russia and recently went into hiding amid suspicious circumstances... But considering his amazing life story we wouldn't be surprised if he had pulled this off.)

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