We've joked about watching porn at work before, but if your job is teaching high school, you should probably save the hardcore videos for homework. A Phoenix photography teacher is currently under investigation for unwittingly showing pornography to a class of 13 students.

According to one of the lascivious lecturer's students, the teacher had connected his personal computer to a projector screen for a photography lesson. Apparently that fact slipped his mind while the students were working on an assignment. "He forgot the projector screen was turned on and he started watching porn and we were all just like sitting there shocked that he was watching this in front of the class," the student said.

The teenage students said they saw six video clips of what one student described as "torture porn, of like girls being tied up." When they tried to get their instructor's attention, he was too deeply engrossed in the porno to notice.

"He was just all into it, I don't even think he was paying attention to us, he was just all in his computer. We were making comments like 'Wow, what is he watching?' and that kind of stuff but I think he was too into it to even notice."

While there are many shocking aspects of this story, what we can't wrap our minds around is why you would want to watch porn in a public place anyway. To appreciate the plot lines?