Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Polar foxes make winter home at airport

8 Signs That You May Be A Drunk

There is nothing easier than spotting a drunk. It doesn't matter who they are or where they're from, they all have the same characteristics. Here are the 8 sure signs you're a drunk.

The strangest shit is always happening to your car. One day you get your mirrors kicked off , the next you have a giant fork through the top of it.

You ALWAYS want to wrestle. One second I'm standing in line for the ATM machine, next thing I know here comes the drunk challenging me to a cage match.

You'll sleep ANYWHERE. And you never use a blanket no matter what the temperature. You sleep places my cat thinks is ridiculous.

You always bring home the ugliest girl at the bar and then brag about it. " Go Ugly Early" is not a battle cry of the sober

You come home with the stupidest tattoos. When you're sober you can't even look at a needle but after one night of drinking you come home with a shaved head and a brain tattooed on your head.

All your photos come out f'ed up. They're always crooked, upside down, or with a finger on the lens.

You are always hitting on the younger sister. In your mind she seems to gain a year for every beer you drink. 10 Beers later she's now 24 and ripe for the pickin.

You'll talk to ANYONE. It doesn't matter who it is, you're up for conversation. Not that anyone can understand a word your saying anyway.

by the way Holy Taco is giving away free looks at these....I mean this.....I mean her

Some of The Worst Police Actions in Recent Memory.

It’s amazing to me what police get away with on a regular basis. I understand that they are for the most part trying to make a positive difference, but it is absolutely unacceptable for anyone to do any of the following to any citizen they’ve vow to serve. Amazing that you give someone a gun and they think they are the second coming of Christ. All of these make my blood boil.

Quadriplegic Vs. Deputy Charlette

Subject: Charlette Jones
Location: Tampa Bay, FL
Charges Against “Perpetrator”: Moving Violation
Charges Against Officer: Abuse of a disabled person (5 yr. prison max)
Verdict/Repercussions Against “Perpetrator”: Had to pay moving violation fine
Verdict/Repercussions Against Officer: Suspended without pay, pending investigation.

Baltimore Officer Vs. 14 year-old Skater

Subject: Salvatore Rivieri
Location: Baltimore, MD
Charges Against “Perpetrator”: None filed
Charges Against Officer: Assualt
Verdict/Repercussions Against “Perpetrator”: None
Verdict/Repercussions Against Officer: Suspended without pay, pending court case.

Utah Highway Patrol Vs. Speeder

Subject: Utah Highway Patrol Trooper
Location: Utah
Charges Against “Perpetrator”: Speeding Ticket
Charges Against Officer: None
Verdict/Repercussions Against “Perpetrator”: Had to pay his speeding ticket
Verdict/Repercussions Against Officer: Ruling that officer acted “reasonably”, no charges or fines.

Wheelchair Vs. Officer Davis

Subject: Gregory Charles Davis
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Charges Against “Perpetrator”: Crossing with a “Don’t Walk” sign
Charges Against Officer: None filed
Verdict/Repercussions Against “Perpetrator”: Had to pay fine
Verdict/Repercussions Against Officer: None.

Malta Policeman vs. 70 Year Old Woman

Subject: 70 year old woman
Location: Malta
Charges Against “Perpetrator”: Unknown
Charges Against Officer: None filed
Verdict/Repercussions Against “Perpetrator”: Unknown
Verdict/Repercussions Against Officer: None.

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Coming Soon to a Child's Nightmare Near You

(Photo by Mike Osswald).Parents, here's a suggestion: stick with Chuck E. Cheese.

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Motorcyclist was traveling at ~120mph and ran into the back of the moving semi-truck. Truck driver said he felt the impact, and it took almost a 1/4 mile for him to pull over.

This is what he found...


These images are posted simply to highlight the danger these riders face daily. My sincerest condolences to this poor man and I only hope this serves to make more riders safer on the roads.

biker2 biker3 biker4

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